How To Apply For OPM Latest Ongoing Scholarship

The OPM is a leading source of scholarship and financial aid for the less privileged. The OPM has always been there to help them in their quest for success and education. The OPM scholarships are offered to students who need financial support and usually come from low-income families.

OPM offers several scholarship programs that are open to all applicants, regardless of their financial status or academic ability.

The types of Scholarship OPM offers include Abroad Scholarship, local scholarship, skill Scholarship. Over 100 people are given Scholarship by apostle chibuzor every month.

You as an applicant can apply for any type of Scholarship of your choice. Do you want to study in Nigeria, abroad kindly apply and don’t forget to follow apostle chibuzor.

OPM has many free schools your child & wards can attend free of charge.

So if you are less privileged submit full details of your family background to the welfare office at Dr. Jesus city. If your story is touching and the welfare investigates and find it to be true you will be invited for an interview and selection for the next month’s group.






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