The next four Premier League games for Manchester United will reveal a lot about Erik ten Hag.

The following four Premier League opponents are Brentford, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, and Burnley.

Even if Manchester United’s season has gotten off to a terrible start, there is still hope.

Erik ten Hag is under increased pressure as a result of their five games’ first three losses. United are on the verge of disintegrating when a long list of off-field issues are added to the equation.

The Red Devils have had a bad appearance in victories and losses alike. To defeat Nottingham Forest, Ten Hag’s team overcame a two-goal deficit, and on the first day, they barely defeated a Wolverhampton Wanderers team that many had pegged for relegation.

Overall, if you are a supporter of Manchester United, there is not much to be joyful about. But those who have already given up on the season can find solace in the schedule.

On paper, United’s domestic schedule for the beginning of the season seems promising. Four winnable games, including Burnley, Crystal Palace, Brentford, and Sheffield United, come before a titanic matchup against Manchester City on October 29.

From Saturday on, Pep Guardiola’s treble winners would easily defeat the team lacking in confidence, but a perfect record in their following four league games puts Ten Hag back on track.

The following month will be important for United’s campaign if the rot persists, since it will simply increase the voices of criticism and discontent. When it comes to on-field performance, this is Ten Hag’s reign’s only significant hiccup so far.

Before the first ball was ever kicked, fans anticipated a potential title charge, but after just five weeks of the new season, those expectations have been dashed. The only way Ten Hag can sort things out with the club in turmoil and from the outside looking somewhat discordant is to accomplish the challenging goal of triumphing.





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