I made a vow never to join sworn enemies Manchester United, yet I wound up having tea with Roy Keane.

Before making a shock multi-million dollar transfer from bitter rivals Leeds, Alan Smith allegedly declared he’d never play for Manchester United.

Despite spending the last few years in Orlando, Florida, Alan Smith has maintained a distinct West Yorkshire accent.

The subject swiftly went to Manchester United due to time constraints after Smith responded to a characteristically British question about the weather with, “I haven’t been out this morning, but it was probably about 90°F at 8.30am.”

Smith agreed to a brief interview with The Manchester Evening News this week, which was conducted through Zoom due to the fact that he currently works at a football academy in the United States.

After his playing career, Smith still views Leeds as the “biggest club in England,” so why did he notoriously breach the line and sign for their fierce rivals in May 2004 in a deal worth £7 million?

It seemed appropriate to begin by bringing up his statement to SoccerAM that he would “never play for Man United.”

“I guess it was naivety on my part to make such remark a good few years before I left to join the club. In an interview with BoyleSports regarding Premier League Betting, Smith noted, “When I said it, Leeds were flying and doing pretty well.

“Playing football as a child is just a dream,” he said. I was so young when I made the first team and Leeds was doing well, so I never anticipated such a fall from grace. The quote was presumably made out of naiveté and a desire for more affection from Leeds supporters.

“You are aware of the rivalry between the clubs. Considering how young I was, I don’t regret saying it.

Although Smith is older and has some grey in his beard at the age of 42, he is still able to vividly recall that time in his life, which is not surprising given the transfer fee he received and the criticism from Leeds supporters.




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