“He thinks he’s Messi,” Man United supporters yell at two players after Brighton’s victory.

Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial performed poorly on the field in the 3-1 loss to Brighton & Hove Albion because they were far from at the top of their game in terms of scoring goals.

And judging by their body language, some Manchester United supporters are extremely angry. Rashford and Martial both made the bare minimum effort when Brighton had the ball.

They were apparently seen strolling a couple times, and the following are some Reddit replies from irate fans:


theytook-r-jobs: “Watching Rashford and Martial slow jog until they get the ball at their feet is something I’m completely over.”


Nug-Bud: “If we’re lucky, slow jog; I saw a lot of walking. Walking is never acceptable, especially not when your team is trailing by one goal. At times, he actually seems to care nothing.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Rashford had witnessed Messi doing it and thought of himself in the same league as Messi, according to thepetergreengod.


“At least Rashford does SOMETHING,” said Flat_Establishment4. At this time, I’m sure that he is only interested in getting paid.

The game “Martial” should never be re-played, says CrabsolutelyBullshit.

“Rashford looked lively at times, but I was really let down by his body language and defensive work rate,” said Upekkhha.










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