Does anyone disagree that Ronaldo was correct? asks Piers Morgan in a new attack on Ten Hag.

The chance to mock Erik ten Hag for his choice to sever Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract at the start of the year simply wasn’t something Piers Morgan could pass up.

Following the 3-1 loss to Brighton & Hove Albion at Old Trafford, Morgan tweeted: “Does ANYONE still dispute that Cristiano was 100% right about the state of the club and Ten Hag? As terrible [Manchester] United get smashed at home by Brighton.

“Since Ronaldo left, they’ve gotten worse.”

During that crucial conversation, which ultimately resulted in Ten Hag’s transfer to Al Nassr, Ronaldo did not hold back as he publicly criticized Ten Hag.

Despite Ronaldo’s absence, Man United finished the previous season strongly, but the current campaign requires a miracle.









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