When questioned about when winger Antony may return from his “period of absence” amid many assault charges, Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag responded simply, “No idea.”

When asked about Antony’s immediate future, Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag was circumspect because the Brazil winger is still absent due to many assault claims.

The Red Devils striker is now absent from the Dutchman’s plans in Brazil for an agreed-upon “period of leave” after being accused of assault by many different women. He is joining Jadon Sancho in this exile.

Since being dropped from the Brazil team in early September due to charges made by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin, along with numerous other allegations made by various parties since then, Antony has not participated in any matches. Currently, police in Manchester and Sao Paulo are looking.

United are lacking in forward options since Sancho is presently training alone after a disagreement with Ten Hag over remarks made after his absence from the squad to play Arsenal earlier this month.

However, when asked if there was a timeline for Antony’s comeback before of his team’s match against Brighton this weekend, the former Ajax manager shut down any talk on his inclusion, despite the fact that he was a member of their official Premier League squad for the first half of the season.

When asked whether the 23-year-old may make a comeback, Ten Hag responded, “No idea,” during a pre-game press conference. “He’s disappointed, but he’s OK.”

With Mason Greenwood’s loan to Getafe last month, United attempted to put an end to the Mason Greenwood drama. However, the charges against Antony are the latest setback for the club.

Another undesirable distraction is the altercation between Ten Hag and Sancho, which was made public after the latter took offense on social media. Injuries to numerous important players have also contributed to the current campaign’s lackluster start.

Before they go to Bayern Munich on September 20 to kick up their Champions League campaign, United will look to refocus on the pitch against Brighton.


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