Mason Greenwood is named to the Getafe squad as he prepares to make his debut for Manchester United.

The Man Utd loanee will be included in his new team’s matchday squad for the first time, although he might not take the field right away.

Since joining Getafe on a deadline-day loan from Manchester United, Mason Greenwood has never been named to the team that will play.

The attacker needs time to catch up, according to manager Jose Bordalas, who also suggested that a debut would be delayed. Due to claims of attempted rape, violence, and coercive control, he has not played since United suspended him in January 2022.

The Crown Prosecution Service declared that all charges against the 21-year-old had been withdrawn in February. The accusations have always been refuted by Greenwood.

United claimed last month that, after completing its own inquiry, it was preferable for Greenwood to pursue other employment opportunities. He is under contract with Old Trafford through 2025.

Greenwood was not a part of the Getafe team that lost to Real Madrid prior to the international break, but he will play against Osasuna on Sunday. Greenwood has been welcomed by his team, according to Bordalas, but his teammates and club supporters might have to wait before witnessing him play on the pitch.

The Getafe manager said in a news conference that “he [Greenwood] is a tremendous hope and there is a great expectation to see him play. He hasn’t played, though, for more than a year. He will need some time to adjust before he can compete with his teammates.

“We need to be kind to him and provide him care. When he can compete will be revealed by the day-to-day. You must exercise patience.

“We are aware of his level and potential. Although I prefer not to discuss specific individuals, his colleagues are very supportive of him. Like the other new players, the dressing room greeted him with wide arms, and everyone was touched by the friendliness of the group.







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