Manchester United is being saved by Erik ten Hag from within.

Man United must keep in mind the situation they were in before to Erik ten Hag’s transfer from Ajax.

The first year and a half of Erik ten Hag’s tenure at Manchester United could have gone far more smoothly than it did.

When it seems like there is a player-manager conflict every month, it must be tough for United supporters to be upbeat. The first and most well-known incidence of this occurred in November 2022 when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to go to Piers Morgan and express his complaints in front of the cameras.

Ten Hag passed the crucial initial test of his positional strength with flying colors, severing connections with Ronaldo shortly after the complete interview went available. The Dutchman continued to enforce the rule over the course of the ensuing months.

These span from Marcus Rashford’s relatively minor disciplinary matter after he arrived late for a team meeting to what we are currently witnessing with Jadon Sancho. Everyone will now have their own thoughts regarding whether or not we would have publicly criticized the winger for his performances in practice.

It is entirely reasonable to believe that Ten Hag reacted too harshly in this situation and may have been better off keeping the situation private. But it’s also important to keep in mind the situation the Reds were in before the manager showed up.

All authority had been completely lost under Ralf Rangnick, as it was obvious that players had turned against the temporary manager as soon as it became clear that he would not be hired on a permanent basis. It was very inappropriate to make fun of United staff members in front of the media, and it was a terrible reflection of the state of the team.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Ten Hag was instructed by United to reinstate rigorous rules in the locker area. “The key is strict line. The club wanted me to establish certain standards because there was a bad culture prior to last season, and I did just that. Before the weekend match against Brighton, he said, “It’s my responsibility to control the standards.

It takes a long time to reach a decision about strict lines, so it’s never just one mistake that someone does. You must be strong, without a doubt, if staff, players, or anyone else crosses lines inside the framework.

Long before the post-Arsenal crisis, Ten Hag and Sancho had a tense relationship, but for the manager to back down now would have been the end of his power. The alternative, which we have already seen, is unquestionably worse than this.

After an outstanding debut season as Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag’s team is back in the Champions League.
The Reds have a fantastic history in the European Cup, having won the illustrious cup three times. The Dutchman now needs to uphold that legacy.
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