Jamie Carragher cites four Manchester United legends who wouldn’t have treated Harry Maguire the way that Andre Onana treated him.

During preseason, the Man United goalie wasted no time in establishing his authority; yet, some have criticized him for being overbearing.

Andre Onana was criticized by Jamie Carragher for confronting a “broken” Harry Maguire violently during preseason.

When Maguire lost possession and a shot was taken at his goal during the 3-2 preseason loss to Borussia Dortmund in Las Vegas, the Manchester United goalkeeper reacted angrily. Onana noted after the game that he holds all of his players to the greatest standards but that his actions have received mixed reviews.

After scoring an own goal in England’s 3-1 victory over Scotland during the international break, Maguire has made headlines once more. The 30-year-old has received a flood of internet criticism, and the spectators at Hampden Park made fun of him during the match.

In a tweet, Carragher stated, “I’m well aware of Onana being demonstrative at all his clubs, and I enjoy the fact he communicates. But to act that way toward the club captain during a preseason game after joining the team for only two minutes was outrageous.

“Any player worth their salt would have advised him where to go and to get back in his goal (Keane, Vidic, Rio, Stam…and myself!). I thought he was making an excessive amount of effort to demonstrate his fan base who he was. The point was that Maguire is so broken, he didn’t respond. while he had every legal right to do so.

Maguire claimed he was “bemused” by the focus on his current play in an interview conducted just after the Scotland game, but insisted he could handle the pressure. The center back has not yet made an appearance for United this year, but the abundance of games in the fall and winter may provide him a chance.






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