Brighton defeats Man United 2-0: In-game stats, ratings, and other information.

Brighton scores once more at 53. Gross gets the ball in the box thanks to some terrible defending by the Man United defenders, and he fires a potent shot beyond Onana. 2-0.

What a goal, Kooky-Choice-2658 @Reddit. I still don’t understand what we’re trying to achieve when we attack in Year 2. Brighton’s manager has only been in charge for a few months, yet the team already plays flawlessly. When should the manager be held accountable?

51: Yet another opportunity lost. Rashford is sent through the left after Hojlund superbly controls the ball. The Englishman enters the box, but his left-footed shot sails over the crossbar.

“Great hold up work ruined by Rashford,” wrote Bizzlep on Reddit. Again”

46–49: Rashford beats his defender in the box and sends in a cross, but no one is able to score as Man United create another opportunity on the break.

BlackBossalini on Reddit: “Everything is going to Rashford on the left after Bruno has passed to Hojlund once.”

46: The second half is now underway. In this half, Man United attacks the Stretford End side. Let’s go!

“F***** hell, we need a win today,” said Juan Bissaka on Reddit. We must get rid of the recent toxicity that has surrounded our club.


Good: Dalot (7), Reguilon (7), Rashford (7)

Casemiro had a score of 4, Lindelof a 5, Bruno a 5, and Eriksen a 5.

Others: Hojlund (6), Onana (6), Martinez (6), McTominay (6)


Man United got off to a brilliant start, threatening Brighton with continuous offensive attempts and combining effectively in their end. The Seagulls, on the other hand, resisted the early pressure and struck back in the 20th minute when Danny Welbeck completed a sweeping move. Marcus Rashford has been a major source of left-wing movement for the Red Devils, and some of his attempts have been successful.

Minutes before halftime, it appeared that he had aided Marcus in scoring Rasmus Hojlund’s first goal for the team, but the goal was disallowed because the ball left the goal area.

The Red Devils have looked good during transitions, but they haven’t been successful when it counts.

Bruno Fernandes receives a booking from the referee at 45+2′-45+4′ of what has been a miserable half for the Red Devils.

When Rashford is sent into the final third by Lindelof, he gets past his defender but his shot sails into the stands.

Viski23 @Reddit: “Rashford has been good but at the same time not so good, if that makes sense.”

42: The goal is canceled because Rashford was put in before the ball had left the field of play. Gutting..

Timely_ad_1958 tweeted: “I believe VAR should be eliminated. literally destroyed the spontaneity of everything.

40: Goooooooaaaallllll!! HOJLUND! Rashford is sent into the final third after a good connection between McTominay and Rashford on the left. Rashy enters the penalty area, eludes his defender, and fires a pass that Hojlund heads into the net. 1-1!

34: Rashford is back! He receives the ball on the left and bursts towards the last third. takes a good shot that misses the corner and deflects wide.

Youngflyabs on Reddit: “Rashford very selfish all the time, almost scored but I don’t like it.”

25–30: After scoring, the Red Devils’ focus seems to have waned as they are having trouble producing clear-cut chances.

“Our new style of play lasted a full 20 minutes,” CantonaKing7 tweeted. Nice!”

Man United create a good opportunity at 20′-25′ as Dalot sends a beautiful cross into the box to Rashford, who sees his shot blocked.

@Reddit user 9Solskjaerhaswonit: “Such a good cut-back and dribble from Dalot.”

😡20′: Goal. Brighton wins. They produce a powerful move through the right, and Danny Welbecks scores after a cross flies past everyone. 1-0.

“United were excellent for 19 minutes, but Brighton scored,” tweeted Samuel Luckhurst. Brighton had a two-on-one down the left but the goal came from the right, driving De Zerbi insane. Excellent blunder by Lallana from Adingra’s cross, and Welbeck went unnoticed.
















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