The opinion of Ashley Young, a former captain of Manchester United, regarding Harry Maguire

After scoring an own goal for England during the international break, the Man United defender has been in the news.

The ‘unbelievable’ Harry Maguire, in Young’s opinion, will be able to handle recent scrutiny despite the pressure of playing for Manchester United.

Following his tragic own goal in Tuesday’s 3-1 victory over Scotland, Maguire’s performance has once again come under scrutiny during the current international break. Parts of Hampden Park booed the 30-year-old, and ironic cheers greeted his successful passes.

Gareth Southgate, the manager of England, referred to the abuse as a “joke” after the game and accused some English media outlets of fanning the flames. Maguire’s mother responded to the humiliation of her son on social media on Thursday morning.

Young joined Maguire at United for just six months before leaving in January 2020. However, the seasoned left-sided player has spoken up for his former teammate from England.

“You look at what he’s done for England, his performances for the national team have been unbelievable,” Young said to talkSPORT. “He didn’t need that,” I said.

I know how excellent of a player he is and what he brings to a team since I played alongside him. When you represent Manchester United, the spotlight is constantly on you.

Maguire had the option of joining West Ham, but who knows what was going on with him. I believe he will be okay, but given who he is as a person and who surrounds him, he will be told that he is still a brilliant player, which you cannot take away from him.

Maguire and Young may have played together this season as Everton was frequently mentioned as a potential suitor for the defender. West Ham had made a £30 million offer while United was willing to selling this summer, but the deal fell through.




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