Rasmus Hojlund enjoys the pressure from Manchester United before a Brighton opportunity

During the international break, Rasmus Hojlund, a striker for Manchester United, shown his remarkable mindset.

Rasmus Hojlund has already begun to enjoy the responsibility of leading Manchester United’s front line.

Despite having little time to prepare, the young Dane has managed to capture fans’ attention with his undeniable talent and thrilling Arsenal cameo. It is acknowledged that Hojlund, a 20-year-old attacker with only one full season of experience in a high European league, is a raw talent who will need to be developed.

With just over 20 minutes left, he took the field at the Emirates Stadium and immediately provided the Reds with an attacking outlet. However, there was no indication of that.In an effort to boost Marcus Rashford, who is currently ranked fifth in the Premier League overall, United was thrilled to announce on Thursday that the £72 million man had run the fastest sprint of any United player thus far this season.

The pressure of such a high-profile transfer price would cause many players to buckle, but Hojlund is demonstrating that he has the mentality required to be successful at Old Trafford. During the international break, he was asked if he was eager to rejoin United, to which he responded, “Of course I am. That’s probably the one thing you miss the most while you’re with the national team, as I’ve said many times. So, I’m anticipating it. I’m pleased with it since I get to live the dream every day.

During the same international break, Hojlund led shouts alongside Denmark supporters following his nation’s significant victory over Finland in Helsinki. Hojlund provided an insight into his mindset on a night when the young striker admitted he realized a “boyhood dream” by wielding the megaphone in front of the fans. This insight is encouraging ahead of his debut appearance in a United jersey for Hojlund.

He said to Bold.dk, “They (the more experienced players) want me to take on more responsibility, and I am one of the youths who has to stand up to prove my value in the national team. “It gave a boost, and I’m happy about it.”

The fact that Hojlund feels capable of handling the responsibility required of a senior striker is positive for Erik ten Hag. While Hojlund was recovering from an injury, Anthony Martial started the last two games for the Reds. However, he may soon be replaced so that Hojlund may make his debut against Brighton on Saturday.

There is a long path in front of us, and it will definitely be exciting for United supporters. Hojlund may need some time to develop into the elite striker deserving of his transfer fee, but United shouldn’t have any worries about his progress.






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