The attempted West Ham move of Harry Maguire: “Man United were happy for me to stay”

This week, Harry Maguire told the media: “I wouldn’t say I’m a somebody who struggles under pressure mentally.

I went through a lot in the past two years, and I captained Manchester United for almost four years.

“It was a great honor, because with great responsibility comes great responsibility, which has both positive and terrible aspects.

“We simply weren’t able to reach a deal [with West Ham], and Man United were glad to have me stay, so I was willing to compete for a position. I want to achieve it, and I will give it my all during practice and competition.

I enjoy playing games and playing football. The manager didn’t pick me, so the first four weeks were challenging, but now that we have a lot of games coming up, I know I will play a lot of games.

Maguire was close to joining West Ham this summer, but the deal fell through because neither party put any effort into making it happen.

The 30-year-old is only a squad player at Man United right now because Erik ten Hag prefers other center-backs who more closely match his playing style.







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