Sir Jim Ratcliffe ‘threatens to walk away from Glazers demand’ as the newest Manchester United takeover occurs

Hopes for a Man United takeover Sir Jim Ratcliffe stated earlier this week that if INEOS were to purchase the club, failure would not be an option.

One of the leading bidders for Manchester United reportedly threatened to end the process if the Glazers insisted on one of their requests.

Since the present owners made the announcement that they were beginning a “strategic review,” United’s future has been put in a precarious position. Since then, the American family has been quiet regarding the status of the sale, but Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani have expressed interest in buying the team.

Both men have refrained from publicly discussing the sale, although earlier this week Ratcliffe did acknowledge that given the stature of the club, acquiring the Reds and then failing is not a possibility he is ready to entertain. There is a theory that the founder of INEOS might not even reach this point.

According to the most recent takeover news from MEN Sport, the 70-year-old might be about to withdraw.

The Glazers are currently requesting voting rights and to remain in the boardroom should Ratcliffe decide to finalize his purchase of the club, according to NBC Sports’ Phil Brown. Brown clarified in a tweet: “From what I gather, the Glazers are seeking to persuade INEOS to not only let them stay, but also give them voting rights on the board.

“INEOS has discussed leaving if they insist on this. Over the past few weeks, there have been discussions between INEOS, Raine, and the Glazers.

Dwight Yorke, a former striker for Manchester United, thinks the takeover drama roiling the club’s boardroom won’t have an impact on the current Reds team.

The Glazers announced a strategic assessment of United’s management in November. Since then, information has been scarce, leaving supporters to speculate as to whether or not the Reds would be sold. Neville told Sky Sports after the match with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium that the players will be affected by the prolonged uncertainty.

“There is still mischief going on behind the scenes,” he said. Can you imagine how anxious the club’s personnel must be to not know whether they would have a job in the following six months when the new owners arrived?

“Consider the new players wondering whether the new owners want to spend money. Imagine trying to sell your company and having a toxic environment everywhere you go. I know people at Manchester United, and that toxicity is real and was brought about by the owners.







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