New rules are implemented at Manchester United by Erik ten Hag.

At Manchester United, Erik ten Hag is still asserting his dominance as the team makes the most of its new nutritional approach.

Players from Manchester United are now leaving the club’s Carrington training facility later because they are still there for lunch.

As part of manager Erik ten Hag’s nutritional initiative, United is utilizing its recently renovated canteen and new head chef Omar Meziane to the fullest.

Meziane was hired from the Football Association earlier this year after Ten Hag identified nutrition as one of the three critical areas United were struggling with when he took over in May 2022.

When they used to be free to leave Carrington around lunchtime, United players are now departing Carrington at roughly 2pm.

Restaurant owners in Cheshire’s “Golden Triangle” have complained about the unexpected disappearance of United players in the villages during the daytime. Many would frequently eat in restaurants in neighboring Hale or Alderley Edge.

The United players haven’t voiced any complaints over Ten Hag’s adjustment to their workout regimen.

After serving as United’s chief sports scientist for over four years, Ed Leng was promoted to the position of head of physical performance in March. At the beginning of their preseason tour of the United States in July, United also made changes to their nutritional analyses.

Players have started using sweat patches to measure their hydration levels and continuous blood glucose monitors to examine their particular matchday dietary plans.

With a “football-first” approach that included altering the home dugout at Old Trafford, restoring the players’ lounge at the stadium, creating a tiered briefing room at Carrington, and making more improvements at the training facility, United employees unquestionably endorsed Ten Hag.





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