Mother of Manchester United star Harry Maguire answers to criticism with heartfelt message

During the international break, Harry Maguire played for England, and following his own goal against Scotland, he faced criticism.

In a heartfelt post on social media, Harry Maguire’s mother denounced the harassment of the Manchester United player.

When Marc Guehi became injured during England’s friendly against Scotland earlier this week at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Maguire was forced to come on as a substitute, and Scotland supporters booed him after every touch.

Sadly, Maguire then scored an own goal in the 67th minute by redirecting a Scotland cross into his own goal.

Gareth Southgate, the manager of England, claimed that the treatment of Harry Maguire “makes him livid” and that it was caused by an inaccurate narrative that had been developed about the player over the previous few years.

I understand it from the standpoint of Scotland’s supporters. I have no issues with what they did. It’s a result of his long history of cruel treatment, Southgate stated before applauding Maguire for his tenacity.

The player’s mother, Zoe Maguire, has since spoken out against the abuse her son has experienced on social media.

As a mother, I find the degree of disparaging and abusive remarks that some fans, commentators, and the media are making about my son to be terrible and absolutely unacceptable for anyone from any walk of life, let alone someone who works so hard for club and country.

“I was there in the stand as usual. What’s been generated over nothing is unacceptable. I am aware that there are highs and lows, as well as positives and drawbacks, in the world of sports, but what Harry has received goes much beyond “football.”

“For me, it is not acceptable to watch him suffer through what he is going through. Particularly the young boys and girls who are currently rising through the ranks, I would hate to have to witness any other parents or athletes going through this in the future.

Harry has a huge heart, so it’s fortunate that he’s mentally tough and can take it when others might not be able to. I wouldn’t want this kind of abuse on anyone.

Now that Maguire has returned to United, he is expected to play this weekend against Brighton.


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