Man United supporters urge Ten Hag to permanently fire Anthony Martial because “people keep finding reasons for him.”

Anthony Martial’s ongoing fitness problems are a recurring theme for the once-promising striker.

The 27-year-old has made three Premier League outings so far this season without having an impact on the field.

Additionally, Manchester United supporters want Erik ten Hag to finally get rid of Martial now that Rasmus Hojlund has fully recovered from his injury.

“Another player who overstayed his welcome, similar to De Gea (and probably McTominay),” writes philippexyz for RedCafe. Next summer, when his contracts expire, we’ll finally fire him.

Redcy: “People keep finding reasons to defend him; he’s been with the team for eight years, and his greatest year saw him score 17 goals. The whole point is that, when healthy, he has appeared fine, but he is rarely available for longer than a month, unless he is participating in minutely significant roles. The man is over.


Hernandez – BFA: “It’s amazing how much of the player he used to be he is today. His dribbling, pace, and touch. Although he is only 27, he plays like a man in his mid-30s. Shame.”

Garelo: “With Martial, it was never his fault! Then, stupid Ole failed to support him through injuries and signed strikers to replace him after wicked Jose first removed his jersey number and signed another striker to replace him. Which will be used as an excuse—that ETH was treated too leniently or too harshly?

Bwuk: “I’d be content to never see him again wearing a United jersey.” I wouldn’t even strip him, to be honest. has no fighting spirit. Hojlund in the lead. Rashford is far more effective on the left.










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