Harry Maguire of Manchester United receives a message from Dimitar Berbatov following a challenging week.

Harry Maguire, a defender at Manchester United, has drawn criticism this week for an own goal he scored for England against Scotland.

Although he sympathizes with Harry Maguire, Dimitar Berbatov cautioned him that if he gets another chance to start right away for Manchester United, he can’t afford to make any more “mistakes.”

This week, Maguire has found himself in the eye of a controversy after receiving scathing criticism for an own goal he scored during England’s 3-1 victory over Scotland. Given the defender’s little playing time for United and ongoing on-field issues, it was questionable why he was even included in the team in the first place.

After falling behind Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, Victor Lindelof, and even left-back Luke Shaw in the Old Trafford center-back pecking order, Erik ten Hag relieved Maguire of his captaincy over the summer. United was willing to let him go this summer and received a £30 million offer from West Ham, but Maguire declined the offer.

Gareth Southgate, the manager of England, denounced the “ridiculous treatment” Maguire received following the game and called the abuse he received “a joke.” Since then, a number of other commentators have defended the 30-year-old, and on Thursday, his mother shared a message of encouragement on social media.

If Maguire plays for United for any additional time, according to Berbatov, he needs to keep things simple to avoid errors and running the risk of making matters worse. Maguire would be playing for his career if he gets the chance to play for United from the very beginning, he told Betfair.

He is incapable of making errors. He will be making things worse every time he makes a mistake.

He ought to use just one or two touches and keep it simple. He should try to avoid doing too much, but it all depends on whether he will get the chance to play. He will require the manager’s confidence.

“I can relate, especially as a former athlete because everyone experiences challenging times when they don’t play well.

“In Harry’s situation, the abuse has continued for too long. He is a good player, and Southgate likes him as a player. By promoting him to the national squad, Southgate is attempting to reassure him that he relies on him. When Harry Kane removed the armband, he was also donning it.

“It demonstrates the national manager’s confidence in him, and this is one of the things that will aid him in overcoming the challenging circumstances he is facing. Some individuals are criticizing Southgate’s choice and questioning why he is starting players who don’t frequently play for their team. While there are players competing for their teams who are not being called up, he is still selecting them for the national team.

“There will always be arguments over why a national manager is selecting a player who isn’t on their roster. In addition to speaking to Harry in private and give him encouragement, Southgate is demonstrating his confidence in Maguire.







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