Gary Neville discovered a secret about Arsenal while serving with England, which enabled Manchester United to ‘kill’ them.

While representing England, former Manchester United captain Neville learned the diet secrets that Arsene Wenger used to revolutionize English football.

When Gary Neville was abroad on international duty, he discovered Arsenal’s competitive drive, according to former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman.

After Arsene Wenger was appointed manager of Arsenal in 1996, the club grew to become United’s main local opponent. The Frenchman revolutionized contemporary football in England by putting a lot of emphasis on helping his players get fitter through a rigid diet.

In the late 1990s, replacing red meat with boiled chicken and pies with pasta, Wenger famously instituted a healthy, balanced diet for the team. Today, this is standard practice. Additionally, he removed alcohol from the players’ lounge and forbade the team from engaging in casual group drinking.

Dr. John Crane, an Arsenal and England nutritionist in the early 2000s, made sure that the players for Wenger’s team adhered to their regimen while traveling for international duty. Neville then started to ask questions at that point.

Wenger’s podcast had Seaman saying, “We went to England and we were on our special diet.” We were eating it when our boss, Gary Neville, asked, “What are they eating over there? ” I’ll never forget it. Why don’t they consume the same foods as us? We work together as a group! We ought to consume the same foods!

He learned about what we were eating in this way, and he later reported it to Man United.

Then Wenger yelled, “They imitated us! We were killed by the English national team!

United clearly learned from such experiences, as Sir Alex Ferguson’s team went on to establish a decisive lead in the rivalry. During Wenger’s first eight years in charge, Arsenal won three Premier League championships, but after 2004 they were unable to repeat as champions.





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