Brendan Rodgers attributes Harry Maguire’s remarks to Manchester United supporters.

a center defender for Manchester United Harry Maguire has gained attention this week as a result of criticism he received on social media.

Brendan Rodgers, Harry Maguire’s former coach, thinks Manchester United fans are somewhat to blame for the widespread vitriol directed at the center back on social media.

Following his own goal in England’s 3-1 victory over Scotland, the Reds defender received harsh criticism and online jeers this week. After the game, Gareth Southgate called the abuse Maguire is experiencing “a joke” and said it is unlike anything anyone else has experienced.

Maguire is no longer needed at Old Trafford, and since Erik ten Hag took over, his playing time has been reduced. In the summer, it appeared that a transfer away from Manchester would be finalized, but negotiations between the defender and West Ham caused the agreement to fall through.

One person who is familiar with Maguire is Celtic manager Rodgers, who oversaw him while he was with Leicester City. The 50-year-old blamed United supporters when he was questioned about the present circumstances involving his former center-back during the pre-game press conference.

He said, “If I’m being completely honest, I think it’s a terrible shame that Maguire gets criticized. He is a decent man and undoubtedly a top-tier athlete, and regrettably, his own club’s supporters are likely to blame for the attention and commotion that have surrounded him.

“That has now spread to the supporters of other teams. I saw the Scotland vs. England game the other night. This player was a member of the World Cup team at the previous tournament, so he is not a particularly awful player. As someone who has worked with him, I can attest that you would want him by your side in trying times.

He’s a wonderful, trustworthy dude

really sincere in his approach to the game, and I can see why Gareth chooses him given how great he has been for England as a soldier and a mentor to the young players there.

“I hear the noise around him, and I find it quite painful to think of where it came from. He will demonstrate throughout the rest of his career that he is a very good player since he is tough and mentally strong.

Regarding Maguire’s decision to stay at United and compete for a spot on the team as opposed to opting to leave, Rodgers added: “It tells you everything you need to know about his mentality. He might eventually decide that he isn’t receiving enough game time and that he wants to move on.

He won’t back down from the task and is really pleased to represent Manchester United. When he left in the summer, other teams were interested in signing him. I have dealt with other players in preseason when other teams are interested in signing them, and they tremble, but this guy never did.

He was fully committed to Leicester City, and his move only came at the very end. Looking back, I believed his behavior was above and beyond throughout the entire time. He will keep fighting there, and if it isn’t Manchester United, he will go somewhere else and demonstrate it there, in my opinion.





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