This is a joke, – After Harry Maguire’s own goal clattered in for England, Gareth Southgate exploded at the ‘ridiculous’ treatment of the Man Utd outcast.

Despite Harry Maguire scoring an own goal against Scotland on Tuesday, England manager Gareth Southgate criticized the “ridiculous treatment” of the player.

Tuesday’s 150th-anniversary match between England and rival Scotland was largely controlled by the English, but following goals from Phil Foden and Jude Bellingham, the hosts briefly had a chance to mount a comeback thanks to Maguire’s own goal in the 67th minute. With a goal in the 81st minute, Harry Kane gave the Three Lions the victory.

Despite scoring an own goal, England manager Southgate defended Maguire and blasted the way his detractors handle the unpopular Manchester United defender.

After the game, Southgate stated to reporters, “From a Scotland fan’s point of view, I get it. I have no issues at all with what they did. Frankly, it is a result of the outrageous abuse he received for a protracted period of time, and I believe our fans understood this when they said, “Okay, there may be some heat from our own supporters, but we are not going to have it from others getting into him.” However, it’s a joke. I have never seen a player abused in the manner that he is. Not from Scottish supporters; instead, our own commentators, experts, or whatever they are called, have produced something unlike anything I have ever seen.

He has been a steadfast member of the second-most successful English squad for decades and has played a crucial role in that. I have mentioned the value of our senior players, and he has played a key role in that. He is a quality player, and we are all behind him. Every time he steps onto the field, he displays incredible resilience and ball skills. Tonight, our supporters treated him amazingly. I have some strong feelings about it.



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