Mason Mount might soon find his ideal Manchester United position.

Although Mason Mount hasn’t had a fantastic start at Manchester United, things might be about to change.

Mason Mount has had a lackluster start to life at Manchester United.

The former Chelsea star, who Erik ten Hag coveted greatly, was United’s first summer acquisition. So much so that efforts to eventually add a crucial striker were postponed in order to improve the midfield first.

Personal arrangements were quickly agreed upon, but the transaction took its time. Chelsea negotiated hard for a player whose contract expires in a year and who is unlikely to sign a new one. £40 million, £45 million, and £50 million bids were all turned down as United swore that their third offer would be their last.

That resolution only lasted three days until they increased their offer once more to an initial £55 million, with a potential increase to £60 million. At that point, their offer was eventually accepted. Even though the cost was high, it appeared that United had significantly improved Mount.

Even though he had lost form during the previous 18 months, it is hardly unexpected considering the circus Chelsea had become, and his brilliance was still readily apparent. Because of his tactical awareness, Mount has always been adored by his managers. At 24 years old, he is still in a prime developmental and longevity window, but he has a wealth of experience.

Nevertheless, despite all the advantages, nothing has worked out so far. In overall, United’s season has gotten off to a depressing start. In addition to all the turmoil off the field, they lost to talented opponents like Tottenham and Arsenal and just edged out Wolves and Nottingham Forest to earn their six points.

Despite Andre Onana’s best efforts, the defense has looked flimsy, and the team’s setup has appeared fragmented and unbalanced. The offense has also been bland and uninspired. The latter is not Mount’s fault as a player, but the task that Ten Hag has given him has greatly aided the slide.

In a double pivot, Mount and Casemiro are set up together on paper, but in reality, Ten Hag wants Mount to be much higher up the pitch to help lead the press. It didn’t produce the desired outcomes. Instead, Casemiro has frequently been left exposed, with four opponents frequently nearby at once, which has allowed opponents to easily advance through the center of the side.

When Christian Eriksen returned to sit alongside Casemiro, United put on their greatest performance of the season thus far. Mount was injured for the trip to Arsenal last Sunday, and it’s revealing that despite the outcome. Even though United may have lost the game 3-1, they might have won if the wind had been blowing in their favor. They still lacked in the attacking department, but they were a lot more stable and compact, and because of the more accustomed set-up, they posed a threat on the break.









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