Man United supporters scream “Sleeping with enemy!” when they see Rashford’s most recent Instagram post.

Marcus Rashford and Nike certainly weren’t prepared for some Man United supporters’ response to the player’s most recent Instagram post. In essence, it’s a typical advertisement image. However, another guy in the image, Phil Foden, seemed to have stirred up some of Rashford’s supporters.

Despite the fact that the two England internationals are close friends, some fans thought it was strange for a Man United player to pose for photos with a player from a rival team.

Where is the fighting spirit, asks x.v.iskul? I feel ashamed to be a United supporter.

Charlie Crompton, year 1105: “Sleeping with the enemy?”

“I don’t get this friendship with the opponents,” said M. Lungisi.

To summarize, one fan merely uploaded a photo of Roy Keane.

Well, Roy Keane would probably come up with a few words to say if he saw that photo. For instance, following the 0-0 tie in December 2020, Keane criticized players from both United and City for hugging one another.







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