Fans have created a beautiful chant for Maguire in a rare display of appreciation for the Man United defender.

Following Tuesday’s 3-1 victory over Scotland, several English supporters were overheard singing a song in Harry Maguire’s honor.

After scoring an own goal during the game, Maguire came under fire from various media outlets and fans, which encouraged Gareth Southgate to respond angrily.

It is evident that not all football enthusiasts and analysts share a vendetta against the defender, though.

Some people could even be heard clapping and shouting his name. “Harry Maguire,” they sung. He consumes alcohol and Jager, and his skull is fuckin enormous.

On Reddit, this was favorably received.

Actual match-attending England supporters adore the man, says alwaysneedsahand. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the most of you who meme on him are odd little Internet trolls.

RodQuackies: “I like what I see.Despite the negative press he receives at the club level, he has never actually done anything wrong for England.

Don’t care about the negative votes; he’s our second-best center back, said thelargerake 2. He only requires a change of scenery and a coach who has faith in him. He’d be fantastic for one of the top teams in Serie A.

Hatakashi: “I mean, does getting rid of the guy completely actually assist him? Simply confirms the validity of those who insulted him. Being rejected by club and nation will destroy him.He’s fucking unlucky to have scored the own goal, even yesterday. He did nothing wrong aside from that.










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