Manchester United supporters call the situation a “chaotic mess” as the team looks to acquire fresh players.

Supporters of Manchester United are confident that the team will only fulfill their transfer requirements if the ownership scenario changes.

Manchester United supporters are determined that before the team routinely makes major additions, there must be a change in ownership.

According to The Manchester Evening News, United will be focusing on four areas for improvement next summer and will be monitoring the development of numerous players, including Brighton attacker Evan Ferguson. The Irishman has had a strong start to the year, most notably scoring three goals against Newcastle.

Jeremie Frimpong and Edmond Tapsoba of Bayer Leverkusen are also on the list as the club looks to bolster its full-back, center-back, midfield, and attack positions. Anthony Martial, Scott McTominay, and Harry Maguire might all depart in the meantime due to a number of departures.

The acquisition process is already reaching its tenth month without any real indication of when it will be over. After news that the Glazers were staying surfaced last week, United’s share price fell.

During Erik ten Hag’s tenure, the owners have spent more than £400 million, and not all fans are pleased with each new addition’s performance. Some supporters are worried about potential Financial Fair Play repercussions and have accused United of spending too much for players.

If the Glazers are still in charge next summer, several Reds supporters are skeptical that United will sign their transfer targets. Many people voiced their opinions about the news in comments on the MEN website.

Redgd: Some people may find it theatrical, but the club is a chaotic, shambolic disaster from top to bottom. As long as the current administration is in power, nothing will change.

Garth123: A worse transfer window than the one we just went through will occur unless a takeover occurs. It wasn’t good because many of his main aims were not attained, and the players who would have brought in money but who the manager doesn’t want are still here. With FFP becoming further tighter and Amrabat still technically owing money, I believe that another Glazernomics move will be unsatisfactory.

John198: First, we need new owners. But while Varane Eriksen and Casemiro will both need to be replaced, 4 great players won’t be enough; a minimum of 6 will be needed.

Rojohoho: Ferguson won’t visit United, and last year we arranged a whole group of players that were “guaranteed to sign with United.” However, I don’t see too many of those guys at Old Trafford.

All the elite players will be too pricey for United, but the team will spend too much money on ordinary or inexperienced players instead!

Dave’s: Yeh, plans are in motion to sign average players for astronomically high prices once the deadline has passed. It’s a benefit if they are injured or have a bad track record of fitness. One would think that our so-called recruitment team would be history once/if new owners were in place. So let’s hope.









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