“Lies”: Ingrid Lana claims Antony fabricated audio to support his innocence.

One of the women accusing Antony of forcing her to have sex with him, Ingrid Lana, has reacted angrily to a recently made recording that proves his innocence.

The recording gave the impression that Ingrid was trying to frame the Manchester United player and that they were dating amicably.

New evidence indicates that Antony is being falsely accused.

Since then, the Brazilian lender has retaliated against this audio leak by saying it is phony and made up.

In her Instagram story, she stated: “Even audio y’all manipulate! It will need to hold up in court. Well, they informed me that with money, you can buy and manage anything.

“Even sound? the degree we’ve attained. Since I NEVER requested for money, at least the decency didn’t need to say that; enough falsehoods. Since I always made it plain that if she was telling a falsehood, I wouldn’t support her,

“After he uses me to go there close deals and lie that I had something with him, after the pictures I saw of what you did with Gabi, sorry no woman will self mutilate for that, you pushed me I had lawned, you continue lying that I had anything to do with you even my negative, if I made it clear that I don’t want any of you, are you in the national network?”

Antony has been given a “leave of absence” from the Man United team until he can clear up all of the accusations against him and return to competition.









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