What Alejandro Garnacho did to impress Antonio Valencia, a former captain of Manchester United

Alejandro Garnacho has made a name for himself in the starting lineup, and Antonio Valencia, a former captain of Manchester United, is impressed.

When Antonio Valencia witnessed a Manchester United game last season, Alejandro Garnacho’s contribution off the bench impressed him.

After being hired, Erik ten Hag elevated Garnacho to the first-team roster, and the young player eventually received more opportunities over the season after initially disappointed with his attitude.

The winger had five goals at the end of the previous campaign, and Valencia was there at Old Trafford when United defeated Wolves 2-0 in May on the strength of goals from Anthony Martial and Garnacho, who sealed the outcome in stoppage time.

Valencia recently told club reporters that the game in which Garnacho assisted in ending Wolves had a profound impact on him.

“Garnacho has improved his standing. Every day, he improves,” Valencia added. The fans want to watch him play, and I like him. Everyone anticipated his introduction [against Wolves at the end of the previous season].

We were aware of his recent injury, but he played well upon entering the game. He responded enthusiastically to the pitch. He altered the course of the game since the team needed him to add pressure when he entered the game.

They required a player with that much vigor to enter the game and press aggressively up the field in hopes of scoring and providing an assist, Valencia continued. He then altered the match’s face. He came on well, I think.

So, as a supporter of the team, I was thrilled to see him on the field. We need him, so let’s hope he gets back to that level soon and has some amazing games to play.





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