The reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo after being kicked in the head by an ex-Manchester United teammate is revealed by Martin Dubravka.

On Friday night, the two ex-Man United players collided with severe results, but there was no ill will between them.

After accidently striking Martin Dubravka in the head while serving as a goalie for his country, Cristiano Ronaldo immediately went to see how the former Manchester United teammate was doing.

Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo, two former teammates of Dubravka’s, defeated Slovakia 1-0 on Friday night with the latter scoring the game-winning goal. After being left in space by a slaloming run, the United skipper arrowed a wonderful effort into the far corner.

Ronaldo’s finest scoring opportunity was a sloppy touch from close range that bounced toward Dubravka. The 38-year-old attempted to nudge the ball in with his extended leg but instead crashed into the Slovakian goalie.

Dubravka received a yellow card for reacting badly to Ronaldo’s studs striking him in the face and chest. Even though there was a VAR review for a red card, he was not further punished for what was plainly an accident.

When asked where his wounds were, Dubravka replied, “In the shoulder, the neck, and the chest.” “I just prayed that he [Ronaldo] wouldn’t smack me in the face as well and then I closed my eyes. I didn’t even look when I saw his studs heading at me.

In these circumstances, the goalie closes his eyes and simply tries to block the shot, thus the striker must chase after the ball. Not that I blame him. Football; it’s a sport. It includes situations like this.

He knew he hit me, of course. He questioned my well-being. I take everything in stride. I make an effort to be calm in these circumstances. It is an aggressive sport. There is no point in discussing it now that VAR is available to us.

After the game, Dubravka had time to locate Fernandes and spend some pleasant time with his former teammate. The two exchanged shirts and exchanged social media well wishes.






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