Micah Richards remembers his embarrassing run-in with the former Manchester United star, saying, “He’d go past me, then just wink at me.”

The Rest is Football podcast guest Micah Richards, a former Man City defender, said of playing against Cristiano Ronaldo: “Wow, you couldn’t switch off for a second.

“When he showed up, he performed five stepovers in two seconds. He was such a genius, and I just couldn’t believe what I was watching.

You had no idea how knotted and tangled I was.He never spoke to me, but he used to wink at me constantly.

He used to perform a Cruyff chop, pass me on the inside, and then simply wink at me. At the time, I was swearing to myself.

Over 100 goals were scored by Ronaldo at Man United during two different periods. He is presently playing with Al-Nassr at the age of 38 and has scored 20 goals in 24 games there.





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