Following charges of violence, Antony publishes a SECOND statement, referring to “asking me if I preferred red or white lingerie.”

One of the three women accusing Antony of sexual and physical assault, Ingrid Lana, has provided an explanation for his choice to reveal their WhatsApp conversations.

On Instagram, the Manchester United winger wrote: “I spoke with Ingrid on WhatsApp. When she traveled to Portugal to celebrate her cousin’s birthday, she asked to visit me here in Manchester with the evident goal of getting to know me intimately. She even enquired as to whether I preferred red or white underwear.

“I reserved a hotel room and a ticket for her. In actuality, I met her at the previously mentioned hotel, where we had a private and agreeable experience. She demanded that we meet up again for another sexual session, but due to scheduling conflicts, she had to go back to Brazil, and I was unable to see her.

“I haven’t seen her once more since that time. Everything I’ve just said is unquestionably supported by the WhatsApp communications, which I only partially share in order to respect people’s right to privacy. However, if necessary, I will make the necessary channels available to demonstrate my innocence, as well as to suggest the proper corrective action and request an investigation.

Despite the fact that she was there “only for business,” Ingrid, a 33-year-old banker, claimed in a TV appearance that Antony tried to coerce her into having sex with him the previous year.










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