Antony reveals screenshots of his WhatsApp conversation with his accuser, saying, “I’ll wait in bed naked.”

One of the three women who accused Antony of sexual and physical abuse has revealed screenshots of their discussions on WhatsApp. This communication was with Ingrid Lana.

The Manchester United winger allegedly sought to coerce the 33-year-old banker into having sex with him last week, despite the fact that her motivation “was just business.”

A THIRD lady accuses Antony of assault and tells her tale on television.

Portuguese speakers on Reddit have translated the contentious discussions, which we are sharing with you so you may make your own judgments.

It’s up to you, my love, says Ingrid.

He just brought me here, Ingrid.

Antony says, “Talk to him and go together if anything happens.”

Ingrid: If you like, I’ll wait in bed unclothed [rs is a chuckle that is occasionally used in inappropriate situations].

Ingrid: Do you plan to return, my love?

Ingrid: Let me know when you plan to return after I go for a walk. A kiss from “Bj”

God be with you, Ingrid.

Ingrid: In a moment, I’ll be off to the airport.

Ingrid: Since we didn’t do sex very well anyway, I wanted to meet you regardless of sex. [This line doesn’t translate properly, but it’s primarily a few praises, followed by Ingrid saying that after we (people in general) die all that’s left behind is our legacy].

Ingrid: “Bj,” kissing him. Until next time, a heart emoji.

Don’t be angry, Ingrid said.

Ingrid: When I see that, I drench myself.

I would never hurt you, Ingrid said.

Don’t you trust me, Ingrid?

OK, Ingrid.

Antony: It’s not a matter of trust; I simply dislike it.

Take screenshots, Antony.

I don’t think it’s cool, Antony.

Antony: So, kindly remove it.

Antony: I have faith in you.

But I don’t like that, Antony.

Antony: OK, Ingrid.

Ingrid: I appreciate your trust, but after traveling great distances to meet you, you won’t believe me.

Not going to respond, Ingrid?

Antony: Ingrid I got rid of it.

Are you going to be angry with me, Ingrid?

Ingrid: All I need to do is get it out of the cloud, but I have no idea how.

Baby, talk to me, Ingrid.

Ingrid: I’m dripping over here because I can’t keep your picture [this message’s conclusion is incomplete].

Ingrid: Love, good morning.

Talk to me, my prince, says Ingrid.

Antony: Good morning, sweetheart. How are things?

Ingrid: Very good.

I altered my hair, Ingrid.

Heart emojis, Ingrid.

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