This season, Manchester United’s Premier League competitors have claimed, “I was wrong.”

When the season returns the following weekend, Man United will be looking to gain ground on their Premier League competitors.

After a lackluster start to the Premier League season, Erik ten Hag is attempting to change the course.

It was not in the plan for any north London team to lose, with Manchester United occupying the 11th spot before the first international break. However, the season is still in its early stages, giving Ten Hag plenty of time to make things right.

The crucial match against Brighton the next weekend offers Ten Hag and his team the ideal chance to start their season off correctly. The Reds should be battling at the top end of the Premier League.

In advance of the match at Old Trafford, MEN Sport has examined some recent criticisms of United made by some of the team’s opponents.

On his club’s last-second victory, Mikel Arteta said, “For every team, it’s like game one, game two, game three, game four, and there are still 34 games to go!

“Therefore, just concentrate on the game and play more naturally; the result will follow. After 38 games, you will be where you deserve to be if you deserve it. It’s still extremely early, so we can only concentrate on that.


When talking about the future, Mauricio Pochettino says that the players on the team come first. He now plays for Manchester United. I don’t know what happened in the past, but we need to go forward and try to develop a good tale while concentrating on our players.

Regarding the Mason Mount agreement, John Terry said: “Mase is a true Chels. Every narrative has two sides, and I am aware of the other one. There’s another side to the tale that I won’t be airing tonight. When he returns, let’s not be too hard on him.

Toffees Hotspur

After defeating United 2-0, Ange Postecoglou said: “It worked well. We appeared a little tense at first, which wasn’t shocking to say.

We had a couple of 22-year-olds and two 20-year-olds there. Therefore, I believed we gave the ball away a little too much, and to be fair, Man Utd perhaps had the better opportunities.

“I admire how we persevered and fought our way into the game. It sort of demonstrated the team we want to be in the second half, at least at times.

City of Manchester

In general, I think Bruno Fernandes is a creative machine, according to Kevin De Bruyne. Odegaard is extremely imaginative but little more restrained.

Madison is also really creative, but I need to see him work with a large team more often. Since he has been doing it for so long, Fernando. Odegaard was outstanding the previous year, but obviously his age makes a difference.


After Pogba was acquired for £100 million by United, Jurgen Klopp stated, “Everything changed. Do I enjoy it? No. Did I recognize my error? Yes. That is how things work. Saudi Arabia won’t offer assistance with that.

“In the end, we need to make sure we assemble the best team we can. 50% of people will approve and 50% will not. We’re working to put together the greatest team possible.

“There is a lot of work to be done; we can’t just point at players and bring them in. Occasionally, one door shuts and another one opens. No problem if someone want to use my quotes from five years ago. I now see my error.





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