Gabriela Cavallin, a former girlfriend of Manchester United footballer Antony, calls for his suspension.

The Man United forward was removed from international duty this week after being accused of abusing his ex-partner.

After accusing Antony of domestic violence, Gabriela Cavallin requested Manchester United to release him.

On Monday, Cavallin claimed that the United winger had repeatedly abused her in a statement to the Brazilian website UOL. Police in Brazil and Greater Manchester are looking into the claims made by the DJ and influencer.

On Wednesday, United issued a statement admitting the accusations and stating that they were awaiting more details. Manchester United acknowledged the accusations against Antony and noted that the Police were looking into them, according to the statement. The club won’t be making any other comments while waiting for more details. As a club, we are treating this situation seriously, taking into account how these accusations and any further reporting may affect abuse survivors.

Despite being cut from the Brazil national team, Antony appeared on local television in his native country to refute the allegations. Cavallin has subsequently encouraged United to release the winger, though.

On Sunday, Cavallin told The Sun that “Antony needs to be taken off the field.” “It is regrettable that he is still permitted to play while the matter is being looked into.

“The entire procedure has wrecked me completely. How can he continue living his life normally? They cannot just act on what they currently know. He needs to be taken out.

Cavallin questioned why it took United three months to issue a statement in response to her complaint, which she first submitted to Brazilian authorities in June.

She said, “Why did United take three months?” “It just isn’t right. I’d prefer not to think that such a sizable club, filled with such serious and competent individuals, would conceal such a thing.

Manchester United was approached, but they responded that they will not be making any additional comments.





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