Former Rasmus Hojlund coach admits that the £72 million transfer to Manchester United “surprises” him.

The burden on the 20-year-old has intensified as a result of his colleagues’ subpar attacking performances after being Man United’s most important summer signing.

Rasmus Hojlund’s former coach shared his opinions on the youngster’s transfer to Manchester United.

Just over a month ago, Hojlund joined United after agreeing to a £72 million transfer from Atalanta. The international player from Denmark made his debut last weekend against Arsenal off the bench after missing a few weeks due to a back issue.

Erik ten Hag has acknowledged that Hojlund is still a work in progress and that he was acquired by United to grow. But pressure is already building up as the new season got off to a difficult start.

Hojlund played amateur football with Horsholm Usserod Idraetsklub until he was 12 years old. According to Christian Mouroux, the club’s sporting director, the youthful striker would thrive under pressure.

According to Mouroux, who spoke to the Mail on Sunday, “He was playing for the age group above because he was so physically big, so he was more developed in that way.” “However, there was never a single instance when we believed he would become a star.

“It’s shocking that he signed with a team that paid him to perform right now. Knowing him, he will flourish under this kind of pressure. His father had prepared him for that.

Brothers of Hojlund appear to be on track to have successful football careers as well. In fact, his younger twin brothers, who are both playing for FC Copenhagen, will rejoin for the group stages of the Champions League this year.

“His two younger brothers — twins Emil and Oscar, both now at FC Copenhagen — were more obvious talents,” Mouroux continued. “Rasmus wasn’t exceptional. There were other equally talented players his age.

“His current talents were developed considerably later. I’m shocked by how much Rasmus asked for, I won’t lie.





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