After a confrontation with Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes sends Martin Dubravka a note.

Cristiano Ronaldo kicked the goalkeeper in the head on Friday, but he had a much more pleasant reunion with another ex-Manchester United player.

After the two clashed earlier this week while serving as international teammates, Bruno Fernandes said it was “good to see” Martin Dubravka.

In a 1-0 victory over Slovakia on Friday night in Bratislava, Fernandes scored the game-winning goal after slaloming through the defense of his opponent and firing a shot beyond Dubravka. His goal kept Roberto Martinez’s team’s qualification campaign undefeated as they now have 15 points after five games.

After being unintentionally kicked in the head by another former Reds teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dubravka had a night to forget. When the 38-year-old stretched for a loose ball, his boot accidentally struck the goalkeeper in the face, earning him a booking.

Having fun reconnecting with former colleagues, Dubravka shared two photos of himself with Ronaldo and Fernandes on Instagram. “Nice to see a good old friends,” he wrote.

Unquestionably, Fernandes had the better night of the two, but he still took the time to comment, sharing the photo on Instagram and writing, “Always good to see you mate.”

At the midway point of the group, Portugal and Slovakia are still in first and second place, with Slovakia having accumulated 10 points after its first five games. Despite having the same number of points as Luxembourg, Dubravka’s team leads by goal differential.

On Monday night, Portugal will play against Luxembourg, and Slovakia will host Liechtenstein.

Dubravka’s stay with United was brief; the goalkeeper was on loan to the Reds for six months. He moved from Newcastle United in the beginning of September, although he only played twice, both times in the Carabao Cup, before leaving and going back to St. James’ Park.









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