What Gary Neville, Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher, and other analysts have said about Manchester United ranges from “Bad reflection” to “terrible.”

With six points from their first four Premier League games, Man Utd has not had the best season.

The season has not gotten off to a particularly strong start for Manchester United.

After four Premier League games, Erik ten Hag’s team still has a lot of problems to solve as they have a record of two wins and two losses. Their problems were brought up at Arsenal just before the break.

Ten Hag is optimistic that Sofyan Amrabat’s arrival would assist to address the concerns with the balance of United’s midfield. There have also been defensive flaws, and injuries haven’t helped.

So what did the experts think of United’s debut? After a challenging season debut, it makes for some very depressing reading.

Neville’s initial projections appear to be roughly on the money so far. In July, he predicted that United wouldn’t improve on their third-place result from the previous season, and the evidence to date supports that prediction.

“Under the owners the club [Manchester United] has had, I think they [will] probably still finish in the top four, but I don’t think they’ll improve on it,” he remarked.

“They might move up to second if they acquired new owners and had an additional £250 million or £300 million to invest. They have a chance to unseat Arsenal from that slot, but they’d need to make wise financial decisions.

The former captain is not thrilled with United’s players, particularly following their loss at Arsenal. He berated the group for their awful road performance against their opponents.

“It [their away record] is a huge concern 100 percent,” said Keane on Sky Sports. When you examine the statistics, that gives a poor impression of the players you have, although Manchester United undoubtedly has many outstanding players.

“But it implies that they lack those characteristics and are simply dependent on their talents. Because of the expectations of the other teams in your area, their record away from home needs to improve. I find that unpleasant to look at. They must greatly improve if they want to be a top squad and fight for the championship.

Carragher has concentrated on United’s midfield problems. He thinks they need to restore the proper scale, which Sofyan Amrabat might do.

In midfield, I believe they have significant issues, Carragher told Sky Sports. “I don’t like how their midfield is set up. I believe there are a few issues.

“The manager’s setup and what he is asking them to accomplish regarding player profiles are incorrect. As we witnessed repeatedly on Saturday night and on Monday night, Casemiro is being left alone and exposed in the middle of the pitch and he is unable to handle it.

James Maddison “runs off the back of him, escapes him, and is exactly at Manchester United’s back-four.”

Shearer shared Keane’s dissatisfaction with United’s performance against Tottenham and season debut. Once more, the midfield was targeted as the root of their problems.

“They were terrible at the weekend Man United,” he said, according to The Rest is Football. They will continue to have issues until he (Ten Hag) solves the midfield riddle since Casemiro, Mount, and Fernandes haven’t performed well in the two games. In both games, they have been outclassed, outfought, and outthought in that area. There is a ton of room for improvement there.







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