In addition to other takeover news, Ryan Giggs reveals which Manchester United bidder he favours.

The head of PSG was also questioned about his most recent opinions on the Man Utd takeover scheme.

This week saw the largest decline in the share price of Manchester United since it was launched on the New York Stock Exchange in August 2012.

In light of allegations that the Glazers are inclined not to sell despite having been looking into a possible sale since last November, more than £600 million was deducted from its worth. After numerous rounds of bidding, Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe are still unaware of the potential of their bids.

The fact that the club hasn’t been sold yet may indicate that neither offer came close to the Glazers’ valuation, allowing the American family to remain in place. According to The Manchester Evening News, Sheikh Jassim is concerned that the owners would reject his bid, which states his goal to acquire 100% of the club.

The prospect is upsetting United supporters, who have long demanded the Glazers’ ouster. After United’s 3-2 victory against Nottingham Forest last month, several fans staged a sit-in protest.

These recent takeover news stories will be of interest to all fans.

Ryan Giggs has made it clear that he would rather Sheikh Jassim lead United than Ratcliffe’s plan for a majority ownership. The former United winger said: “It’s the one who’s going to make a difference, the one who’s going to put in significant investment,” in an interview with the Webby & O’Neil YouTube channel.

“From the outside, it appears that Sheikh Jassim will invest the most money and be the only owner. We must make big investments in the player roster, the venue, and the practice facility. You require every item.

“You could definitely get away with that if things weren’t too awful on the field, if we were winning games and prizes. But because we aren’t winning games or trophies, there is only more pressure on the manager and the players from all the outside noise.

When questioned about the United takeover process, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the president of Paris Saint-Germain, gave a guarded reaction.

Although Sheikh Jassim’s United candidacy was rumored to have received advice from the Qatari, Sheikh Jassim later refuted this, saying: “It makes me chuckle. Yes, I am a Qatari. When people ask me for my opinion, I will undoubtedly give it to them; this is what they do. Not just Manchester United, but anyone, is what I’m getting at. I’ll share my knowledge with them.

The PSG president was questioned once more about the takeover during the European Clubs’ Association [ECA] General Assembly in Berlin, which took place from Tuesday through Thursday. Al-Khelaifi’s response was limited to the words “I’m the chairman of the ECA” and nothing further.





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