Erik ten Hag will score goals for Manchester United, making him the ideal replacement for Rasmus Hojlund.

Rasmus Hojlund of Manchester United attended school in Copenhagen, and the MEN spoke with one of the Danish club’s former coaches about his development.

Rasmus Hojlund grinned as he saw Manchester United placed in his or her Champions League group.

Hojlund keenly observed the grouping of Bayern Munich, Galatasaray, and his old team F.C. Copenhagen, and it didn’t take him long to pick up his phone and message a few of his former managers.

The striker developed while playing for Copenhagen, and he still keeps in touch with the coaching staff. “I actually spoke with him the other day, just after the Champions League draw, where we’re going to face each other,” Alfred Johansson stated.

Johansson, who is currently in charge of Copenhagen’s Under-19s, is one of a number of club coaches who have had the opportunity to watch Hojlund develop firsthand after serving in a variety of capacities inside the academy over the years.

In fluent English, Johansson told the Manchester Evening News, “We share that connection between the academy and I know others from the first-team personnel still speak with him sometimes.

When I actually told him that we were after him, he expressed his happiness and that he was looking forward to the games.

Hojlund departed Copenhagen in January 2022, and since leaving Denmark’s most successful team, his career has taken an extraordinary turn, making him a £72 million player this summer.

Hojlund has been backed by Erik ten Hag to be polished into a diamond, and it is hoped that, after careful scouting and the determination that he has exceptional potential, he will one day become one of Europe’s most prolific goal scorers.

Johansson thought Hojlund had potential but could not foresee his quick ascent to fame. He joined the club’s Under-15s in 2017, and at the time, I was the Under-13s’ head coach. Although I didn’t personally work with him, I undoubtedly saw the games, the man stated.

He has always been a self-assured, diligent, and extremely ambitious player. Rasmus’ self-confidence was normally very high, however it fluctuated naturally at different times when he was in the academy.

“I recall thinking of him as a physically large striker when I first met him. He was one of those men that developed rapidly, so he wasn’t always in complete control of his physique, but it was clear from away that he was quite strong.

It was difficult to control his power because of how explosive he was constructed on the field.

Ball handling was most obviously not one of his distinguishing qualities back then, Johansson continued. He was always quite eager to finish, therefore I would say that his physical prowess was a strong point. He also wanted to practice throughout training.

Did we anticipate to see Rasmus at Manchester United at this early stage? We know from our statistics at Copenhagen that many youngsters who reach U15 level, particularly to Under-17 and U19, end up obtaining a professional contract.

Naturally, you have to be a little taken aback. You can see the young players that are performing, but it would be conceited of you to claim that they will sign with Man United for that sum of money at that time.





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