After allegations of abuse, Manchester United winger Antony speaks out in a midnight interview.

The Manchester United winger has been accused of wrongdoing by three women this week, but he has denied accusations in a tearful interview in Brazil.

The Brazilian winger Antony believes he has no concerns about his future with Manchester United and that he will prove all abuse claims against him to be untrue.

The winger is the target of many accusations made by Gabriela Cavallin, who detailed the claims in a Monday interview with the Brazilian newspaper UOL. The allegations are supported by screenshots of chats and photos. Police in Brazil and Greater Manchester are looking into the claims made by the DJ and influencer.

On Wednesday, United issued a statement admitting the claim and stating that they were seeking more details. Manchester United acknowledged the accusations against Antony and noted that the Police were looking into them, according to the statement. The club won’t be making any other comments while waiting for more details. As a club, we are treating this situation seriously, taking into account how these accusations and any further reporting may affect abuse survivors.

Then, on Thursday, two more women publicly accused each other of abusing them, according to Brazilian media. Antony disputes any misconduct.

In a sorrowful interview given back home, Antony, the winger who was benched from the Brazil national team for their matches against Bolivia and Peru, said: “I don’t think about [his future]. I am aware of the truth, and it will surface.

Although I am aware that many are mistreating me, the truth always comes out. United is in charge of the entire investigation. They are doing so and will continue to do so.

Along with vowing to clear his record, Antony spoke out against all forms of domestic violence.

“I don’t support this ever,” he declared. “It’s completely, completely wrong. My mother and sister are family members, and I would never want anything to occur to them.

“I’m positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have never touched a woman, and I’ll provide the proof. The truth will be evident to all. I’ve never assaulted someone, and I never will. I’m positive I’ve never used physical force.

Anyone who has known me since I was a child, when I had nothing, is familiar with my character and the amount of effort I expended to get here.

“I want to prove to the public that I am who I say I am. I have a lot of goals in mind.

“I have a lot of aspirations and goals. I want to demonstrate my true self. I hope to rejoin the national team, and I want to prove Antony’s innocence in this situation.




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