Icon of Manchester United When asked if he was better than Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes makes a startling statement.

Scholes has acknowledged he’s unsure if he could replicate what his old England teammate did at Liverpool FC despite the fact that the two were fierce competitors while Scholes was at Manchester United.

When asked who he thought was the superior player of the two, Paul Scholes acknowledged that he couldn’t perform at the level that Steven Gerrard did at Liverpool.

Along with Frank Lampard, Scholes and Gerrard formed probably the best midfield combination in English history, but they were bitter rivals at their respective clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool. Both during their playing careers and since retiring, rival supporters have frequently contrasted the two players.

Manchester supporters will use Scholes’ trophy collection as evidence that he was the better midfielder, while Liverpool supporters will point to their star’s durability and capacity to take the biggest games on his own. Neither side has ever declared a victory, and even Scholes was unable to make a choice.

When asked who he thought was better in their heyday, the former Reds midfielder admitted that he lacked Steven Gerrard’s ability to win matches but was more of a team player.

An whole new player will join United’s roster soon.

Scholes responded to the question by saying, “I can’t answer that… Gerrard’s a great player,” to FIVE’s YouTube channel. “I’m not saying I’m any different from you; we’re very different.”

He was more of a match-winner due to his athleticism, but he was likely on a team that needed him. He was more of an individual, whereas I was more of a team player.

“I couldn’t do what he did at Liverpool, and I have no idea if he could do what I did at United. I can’t imagine a reason not, but I doubt I could accomplish what he achieved at Liverpool.

Since Scholes has won an incredible 11 Premier League championships, he does have the advantage in terms of hardware. Both did contribute significantly to their teams’ Champions League victories, albeit one can argue that the former Liverpool player did so in a more significant way.






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