Before passing on the Man United star for Jude Bellingham, Eddie Nketiah admits that Marcus Rashford was celebrating.

The Man United striker’s celebration has been well-known over the past year, but his new England colleague didn’t think it was the finest.

Although Eddie Nketiah of Arsenal chose Jude Bellingham’s celebration as his favorite, he is a big fan of Marcus Rashford’s famous celebration.

Nketiah has made his debut with the senior England squad after receiving a call from coach Gareth Southgate. The striker might make his debut against either Scotland or Ukraine.

The Gunners frontman, who has a signature celebration of his own, was questioned about his new Three Lions teammates. He acknowledged that he is a great fan of the Manchester United player’s head-pointing “cold” celebration.

However, when asked to name his favorite, Bellingham of Real Madrid claimed the top rank.

United will soon add a brand-new talent to their roster.

Nketiah told England’s YouTube channel, “If not myself, I’m probably going to have to choose between Jude [Bellingham] and Marcus [Rashford].” “I can’t lie, Marcus’ one is cold.”

It just looks fantastic, and it looks good in the images, I can’t lie, so I’m going to give it to Jude guy. It’s wild, and he did a good job on that one. Even though you already know how much I enjoy a good party, Jude deserves some of the credit.

When Rashford scored 30 goals in all competitions during a record-breaking individual season, his celebration went viral. Even other sportsmen did the same, like Tammy Abraham, Novak Djokovic, and Jofra Archer.

For much of the season, the celebration’s meaning remained a mystery, but Rio Ferdinand, a former United defender, revealed it in a February speech.

Ferdinand said on his Vibe with FIVE YouTube show, “Rashford, I found out today, by the way, I went to Carrington today to interview Bruno [Fernandes]. “It worked well. I saw Kath [Phillips], the long-time receptionist who has worked there for 56 years. Ridiculous.

“But the celebration is a way of thinking. Nice, right? Simple. But it has simply traveled a great deal. Right now, everyone in the globe is doing it. That’s the effect Rashford has had—all the young youngsters scoring goals.











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