At Manchester United, Ryan Giggs outlines Erik ten Hag’s theory regarding the problem with Jadon Sancho.

Jadon Sancho, a forward for Manchester United, attacked his boss on social media after his performance in training was questioned.

Ryan Giggs believes that Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag’s public altercation may have been a final “throw of the dice” to motivate the ineffective winger to perform.

After the England international was left off of United’s matchday squad against Arsenal, Sancho criticized Ten Hag on social media. Ten Hag attributed that choice to subpar training results.

After being questioned by Sancho on social media, the former Ajax boss maintained the validity of his remarks. During the first international break of the season, it was a topic of conversation at Old Trafford and elsewhere. Former United player Ryan Giggs has now offered his opinion on the matter.

On the Webby & O’Neill channel, he was questioned regarding the conflict between Sancho and Ten Hag. “It seems like it was the last-ditch effort, ‘Let’s call him out publicly and see how he reacts,'” Giggs added.

Bielsa might enable United to find a replacement for Sancho.

“From the outside, it may not appear so, but it appears that Ten Hag has really tried everything with Sancho. I was a fan when he initially joined the team and thought he could grow better and progress, but in the short time he has been there, he hasn’t really done that.

“For me, he always made the right decisions in that final third, which is rare for a young winger, but it hasn’t happened,” Giggs continued. The last straw, or final effort, to get the best out of Sancho, in my opinion, is calling him out publicly. He [Ten Hag] has sent him away to become fit and has tried him in various positions.

The athlete has two options: he can respond by saying, “Right, I’ll show him, and show the manager what I’m capable of,” or he can pout and likely won’t progress. Now it’s up to Sancho. I am aware that much has been made of his training, but in my personal experience as a player, the United training sessions were more difficult than the actual games.

“If it’s true that his workout efforts haven’t been up to par, you won’t be playing. The dressing room has a duty to watch on his performance throughout practice as well.

“The players must take responsibility. If it is true that he is not performing, they must speak out and make sure he does. We have all witnessed his talent.

“Only one person has the power to change it. Don’t give the manager a reason to call you out; instead, do everything you can to avoid it.









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