Why Manchester United’s astonishing decision to pass on Marcus Rashford may be good news

It is pointless to speculate about where Manchester United would have placed without Marcus Rashford last season, and he deserved better.

Football fans are frequently accused of being biased in favor of their own team, but from the outside looking in, it is simple to understand why Manchester United supporters could feel betrayed following the most recent Ballon d’Or nominations.

Andre Onana made the 30-man shortlist as a result of his performance for Inter last year, while Marcus Rashford was overlooked for some reason. United was nearly doomed to a dismal first year under the Dutchman, but his 30 goals in Erik ten Hag’s debut season kept them from that outcome.

Despite the Reds’ obvious lack of firepower, Rashford managed to refocus after having such a bad season the year before and led his team to significant victories. His Old Trafford goal against Manchester City and

This was not considered sufficient by those who created the Ballon d’Or nominations, though. The award has received a great deal of criticism since it favors well-known stars.

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Because to his World Cup victory with Argentina, Lionel Messi’s lackluster season with PSG was spared, making him deserving of a nomination. Rashford’s rival Mohamed Salah of Liverpool is also on the list despite having one goal fewer and no trophies from the previous campaign.

But those who came up with the Ballon d’Or nominations did not think this was enough. The award has drawn a lot of flak for favoring well-known celebrities.

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Lionel Messi deserves a mention because his underwhelming season with PSG was spared due to his World Cup success with Argentina. Mohamed Salah of Liverpool, a competitor of Rashford’s, is also on the list despite having one fewer goal and no championships from the previous season.

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