Henderson identifies one aspect of leaving Liverpool that “does hurt” him.

Henderson identifies one aspect of leaving Liverpool that "does hurt" him.

“Everyone I’ve seen around has wished me the best whenever I’ve seen them. Jordan Henderson told the Athletic, “Even Liverpool fans.

“I gave the club 12 years of my life. I gave it all to them. And if I could go back, I would do it all over again. I believe they are aware of and grateful for that.

If I had the chance to say goodbye or if they welcomed my return, I wouldn’t be worried. The fact that I wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to the fans does pain me a little bit.

“[I] think that would be good and great for me if I had the chance to do something, whether that would be a testimonial or just to go back and say “bye.”

The former captain spent 12 years at Liverpool, where he saw the team’s rise from obscurity to one of the finest in the world and actively participated in it.

This summer, the midfielder controversially switched teams to join Saudi club Al Ettifaq.

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