Sir Alex is urged by Richard Keys to express his opinions about the Glazers’ ownership.

Keys quizzes Sir Alex with challenging questions.

Richard Keys, a former Sky Sports broadcaster, has asked Sir Alex Ferguson to talk about the Glazer family’s ownership of Manchester United.

“I think he needs to get off the fence and nail his colors to the mast and tell the fans who were loyal to him exactly what he thinks should happen to that football club (United),” he stated on BeIn Sports.

“It appears to me that the compensation he is receiving as an ambassador at this time is buying his silence. ‘What do you think, Alex?’ must be said to him by someone.

Imagine if he had remained seated and taken part in the protest last week. How potent and significant would that be? I believe that the supporters of Manchester United are entitled to know what he thinks ought to happen to their team.

Sir Alex continues to serve as a director at Manchester United in addition to his duty as an ambassador. Since leaving his position as the club’s manager, he has kept his thoughts on the Glazers to himself and has rarely spoken them in interviews.

According to reports, the Glazers have not yet decided whether to sell Man United or not, and they appear set to remain for the foreseeable future.

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