After Declan Rice’s incredible winning goal against Man United, Zinchenko’s irrational celebrations were observed.

Declan Rice’s spectacular late goal in the 3-1 victory over Man United drove Arsenal players and supporters into an absolute frenzy.

Oleksandr Zinchenko, who was ecstatic after the goal, was one player who completely lost his mind.

After the game, he hurried to the Arsenal players as they joined the crowd on the field to celebrate.

Zinchenko and Rice were seen having a hilarious small moment when the rush subsided.

The Englishman appeared to be in a friendly chokehold as he continued to profess his love.

Reddit users who support the Arsenal commented that they adore Zinchenko’s exuberant celebrations.

Tiny-Tempeh: “Someone ought to have alerted Rice about Zinny’s crazy celebrations after the final whistle. I adore how bloody insane the man is.

Dhiaizk said, “Poor lad’s not going to want to score again now.”

You should have seen Zinny’s face when he scored his first goal for Arsenal, said MysticalIceKO, “He kicked whites ass last time.”

Eastern Europeans and extremely hostile embraces—name a more iconic pair, asks SnooCrickets2458.


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