A fan recognizes an amazing quality about Salah this season that has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia: “Always tries to improve himself.”

Mohamed Salah’s stunning performance against Aston Villa last weekend appears to have put an end to all rumors about his widely-reported departure to Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian accomplished what he is renowned for by scoring a goal. The fact that he was also playing defense caught everyone off guard, though.

On The Guardian website, a supporter going by the handle Crispincrispian82 remarked, “It’s amazing how Salah has been tracking back for the last few games.” “The man is constantly looking to better himself.”

However, Salah has actually played defense on numerous occasions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Salah foils a counterattack by Porto, UCL, April 2019:

Salah defends Liverpool’s defense against Ajax in the UCL, September 2022:

In the Premier League, Salah foils Everton’s counterattack in the same year and same month.

It’s encouraging to see that Salah’s adaptability has now been recognized by neutrals.


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