Liverpool supporter identifies one area where Klopp still needs to improve as “the only weary thing right now”

Following our convincing victory over Aston Villa, Reds’ supporters were extolling the virtues of the entire squad as well as individual players.

Owolabi Segun, a Tribuna user and a devoted Liverpool supporter, has nothing but affection for the players. He does think that there is room for improvement, though.

“Szobo is a beast who can pass, run, dribble, score, and run the full 90 minutes like it’s a warmup. That’s only the tip of what we have in this team. Again today, Szobo demonstrated why he was deserving of the 60 pounds, Owolabi stated.

Amazing runners like Nunez, Salah, and Diaz are capable of chasing long balls behind the defense. Look no farther than TAA, those balls today were amazing, creative passers.

“Mac Allister is a reliable all-around midfielder with an Argentine physique. We’ve been seeking for a Wijnaldum replacement, and it looks like we have one in Szobo and Macca as well.

“Last but not least, a bright future with players like Elliot, Gravenberch, Bajectic, Quansah, and Jones. The fact that our bench today appeared so young and promising gave us a lot of encouragement.

The defense is currently the lone area of concern, but given how Klopp has addressed the problems with the offense and midfield in recent months, have faith that he will address the defense in timely manner. Reds, do you concur with Owolabi or do you feel that our defense is adequate as it is? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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