Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool’s latest acquisitions: “I stood in the dressing room, had a look, and I love this team.”

For Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp is starting a new era. He recently overhauled the midfield for £150 million, and as a result, he is unsure of what to anticipate from the team.

As Liverpool gets ready to play Aston Villa, Klopp is reviewing his summer transfers and admits that with a whole new midfield, the squad is only getting started.

He is enthusiastic about Liverpool’s future, though, after successfully rebuilt the attack to replace the formerly “irreplaceable.”

According to a statement he made that was reported by the Liverpool ECHO, “When I stated we need luck with injuries, that doesn’t mean the team is too small. Injury luck is necessary for success, though! all groups. If important players go, ugh! You wrack your brain.

“This is not how it was before the Olympics. If you want to run the 100m, your right toe shouldn’t be bruised. With injuries, it simply requires luck. We are still in the stage of life where we must invent new things. On the field, critical positions now have new key players. How can we simply stay there and leave? We must fight for that. We must put effort into that.

“Thank God, if you look at how many guys we have up front right now. That is excellent. The front three were what we had for a while and couldn’t be replaced. And we succeeded in making it happen. We accomplished that.”

Because of everything they accomplished for the club, people no longer immediately think, “But Luis Diaz isn’t like Sadio Mane,” when they see him. That is not how it is. That is possible in situations like this.

“Even with Bobby, as much as we all adore him, don’t think it would have shown differently right away. After such successful period, it is such big task. “I don’t know where we go from here because it’s the beginning, but I’m okay with it. But have great ambitions. Sincerely, after taking look around the locker room, fell in love with the team. It’s well-organized crew. Let’s leave right away.




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