Folarin Balogun discusses his “regrets” with Arsenal and reveals his sell-on clause.

Folarin Balogun claims he has no regrets about switching to AS Monaco from Arsenal.”For me, I don’t have any regrets,” the 22-year-old added.

Football is a competitive sport, so it stands to reason that the manager occasionally has to make decisions. Sometimes there are opportunities for certain players, and other times it’s a little more challenging.

“I wanted to participate in order to demonstrate to others my ability to compete at this level. Although I believe the choice to be natural, I wouldn’t say there is any regret.

“I want to play as a young player.I wish to demonstrate my abilities. The work is finished. You don’t always have the chance. That can occasionally lead to new chances.

“I’m pleased with how things worked out. I’m hoping for a successful season for Arsenal. At Monaco, we want to do big things this year.

In Balogun’s Monaco contract, there is a 17.5% provision, according to reports. Konstantinos Mavropanos (10%) and Matteo Guendouzi (15%) are two players that helped transfer money to north London this summer. The Gunners have benefited from a few sell-on clauses recently.

Last season, Balogun played 39 times across all competitions while on loan at Stade de Reims and scored 22 goals, garnering attention throughout Europe.

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